Jean-Baptiste Greuze [1]

Nationality : French painter, 1725-1805

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  • Title : A Young Man in a Hat
  • Info : canvas painting 39382-A Young Man in a Hat.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39382

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  • Title : Head of a Young Girl
  • Info : canvas painting 39383-Head of a Young Girl.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39383

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  • Title : Innocence
  • Info : canvas painting 39384-Innocence.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39384

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  • Title : Portrait of Claude-Henri Watalet
  • Info : canvas painting 39385-Portrait of Claude-Henri Watalet.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39385

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  • Title : Portrait of George Gougenot de Croissy
  • Info : canvas painting 39386-Portrait of George Gougenot de Croissy.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39386

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  • Title : Portrait of Georges Wille
  • Info : canvas painting 39387-Portrait of Georges Wille.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39387

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  • Title : Self-Portrait
  • Info : canvas painting 39388-Self-Portrait.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39388

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  • Title : The Broken Jug
  • Info : canvas painting 39389-The Broken Jug.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39389

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  • Title : The Broken Mirror
  • Info : canvas painting 39390-The Broken Mirror.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39390

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  • Title : The Complain of the Watch
  • Info : canvas painting 39391-The Complain of the Watch.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39391

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Greuze, Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Baptiste Greuze (21 August 1725 - 4 March 1805) was a French painter. He was born at Tournus, Saône-et-Loire. He is generally said to have formed his own talent; this is, however, true only in the most limited sense, for at an early age his inclinations, though thwarted by his father, were encouraged by a Lyonnese artist named Grandon, or Grondom, who enjoyed during his lifetime considerable reputation as a portrait-painter. Grandon not only persuaded the father of Greuze to give way to his sons wishes, and permit the lad to accompany him as his pupil to Lyon, but, when at a later date he-himself left Lyon for Paris - where his son-in-law Grétry the celebrated composer enjoyed the height of favour - Grandon carried young Greuze with him.

PDF Jean-Baptiste Greuze [PDF]

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