John Atkinson Grimshaw [1]

Nationality : English Painter, 1836-1893

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  • Title : Autumn Morning
  • Info : canvas painting 39406-Autumn Morning.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39406

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  • Title : Autumn
  • Info : canvas painting 39407-Autumn.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39407

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  • Title : Day Dreams
  • Info : canvas painting 39408-Day Dreams.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39408

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  • Title : Elaine
  • Info : canvas painting 39409-Elaine.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39409

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  • Title : Endymion on Mount Latmus
  • Info : canvas painting 39410-Endymion on Mount Latmus.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39410

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  • Title : Evening, Knostrop Old Hall
  • Info : canvas painting 39411-Evening, Knostrop Old Hall.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39411

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  • Title : Glasgow Docks
  • Info : canvas painting 39412-Glasgow Docks.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39412

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  • Title : Gourock, Near The Clyde Shipping Docks
  • Info : canvas painting 39413-Gourock, Near The Clyde Shipping Docks.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39413

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  • Title : Greenock Dock
  • Info : canvas painting 39414-Greenock Dock.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39414

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  • Title : Greenock
  • Info : canvas painting 39415-Greenock.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39415

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Grimshaw, John Atkinson
John Atkinson Grimshaw (6 September 1836 - 13 October 1893) was a Victorian-era artist, a "remarkable and imaginative painter" known for his city scenes and landscapes. He was born 6 September 1836 in Leeds. In 1856 he married his cousin Frances Hubbard (1835-1917). In 1861, at the age of 24, to the dismay of his parents, he departed from his first job as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway to pursue a career in art. He began exhibiting in 1862, under the patronage of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, with paintings mainly of birds, fruit, and blossoms. He became particularly successful in the 1870s and was able to afford to rent a second home in Scarborough, which also became a favourite subject.

PDF John Atkinson Grimshaw [PDF]

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