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You will be amazed at their accuracy: Crack Painting, Wood Board Painting, Water Color & Charcoal Drawing Paintings, Jewish Art Paintings, knife paintings, POP Paintings.
Create custom portrait painting especially for you from photos or digital images.
Wholesale Oil Paintings & Custom Portrait Paintings From Xiamen China Oil Painting Reproductions Manufacturer
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Oil Painting Samples

Welcome to our online art gallery! We are an oil painting reproduction manufacturer located in Xiamen, China. We have a successful, worldwide wholesale oil painting market. It is our pleasure to supply genuine hand painted oil paintings and also offer friendly and professional service.


Our online oil painting catalog contains a large number of images. You will probably find your favorite paintings among them.

We have made the online ordering process quick and easy. There is no minimum order required. You can search our catalog by artist's name, by artwork title, by painting style or colors. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our oil painting catalog, you can order oil painting from us. We can paint scenes from your photographs or from your own designs. We can also create custom portrait paintings from photos you provide. We can change a painting's size, adjust its aspect ratio, or modify its color per your request. You can send us your favorite photos, books, postcards posters, by express mail. We will gladly work from an emailed digital image. Just send us your clear picture along with the necessary information.

(size, quantity, quality, and any special details or requirements).


We also custom portrait painting from your photo or digital images. A portrait painting to be nice remembered, a portrait painting from photo can preserve a beautiful smile forever. It can make a meaningful gift for loved one. What a peasant surprise, to receive one of our museum quality portrait painting.

Our portrait paintings come directly from the artists. We use no middleman, and therefore can provide museum quality work at a reasonable cost.

We can paint portrait painting just about anything you want.

We specialize in portrait painting from photos. We are experienced in painting babies, children, pet portrait painting, wedding, families portrait painting. We can copy your heirloom photos, a favorite toy, a work of art, and even a museum painting with your face inserted into the masterpiece. we can also make changes to existing pictures. We can add or delete people from an image. We can change the background in a picture, and even the color of people’s clothing.

Give your lover a pleasantly surprised, please select our museum quality oil portrait painting as a gift. We can provide you museum quality portrait painting with more reasonable price. Our service: We are specialized in portrait paintings from photo.

If you can think of it, we can probably paint it. Create your portrait painting from photo now.


All of our paintings are hand painted by our highly skilled artists by oil or acrylic on canvas or linen or wood board. We can do the oil paintings of any subjects and any styles. Once we finish the painting, a photo with high resolution will send to you to check the quality. We are always here to revise the painting for you if you have any opinions on the painting. The delivery only can be done unless you say "Ok, ship it out".

We are committed to protect your privacy. We do not sell or share our customer's information in any way.

Hand Painted By Our Talented Artists


All you need to do is email your request, along with the photos you wish to use. If the pictures you send are not perfectly clear please provide as much information as you can.

Describe the color of the eyes, skin and hair. Describe any jewelry or important features you would like us to include in your painting.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, no matter how small. We are glad to be of service.