Jan van Goyen [1]

Nationality : Dutch, 1596-1656

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  • Title : A View on the Maas near Dordrecht
  • Info : canvas painting 39359-A View on the Maas near Dordrecht.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39359

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  • Title : Beach at Scheveningen
  • Info : canvas painting 39360-Beach at Scheveningen.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39360

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  • Title : Dunes
  • Info : canvas painting 39361-Dunes.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39361

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  • Title : Farmyard with Haystack
  • Info : canvas painting 39362-Farmyard with Haystack.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39362

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  • Title : Haarlemer Meer
  • Info : canvas painting 39363-Haarlemer Meer.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39363

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  • Title : Haymaking
  • Info : canvas painting 39364-Haymaking.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39364

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  • Title : Horse Cart on a Bridge
  • Info : canvas painting 39365-Horse Cart on a Bridge.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39365

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  • Title : Landscape with Dunes
  • Info : canvas painting 39366-Landscape with Dunes.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39366

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  • Title : Marine Landscape with Fishermen
  • Info : canvas painting 39367-Marine Landscape with Fishermen.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39367

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  • Title : Peasant Huts with a Sweep Well
  • Info : canvas painting 39368-Peasant Huts with a Sweep Well.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 39368

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Goyen, Jan van
Jan Josephszoon van Goyen (13 January 1596, Leiden - 27 April 1656, The Hague) was a Dutch landscape painter. Van Goyen was an extremely prolific artist; approximately twelve hundred paintings and more than one thousand drawings by him are known. Jan van Goyen was the son of a shoemaker and started as an apprentice in Leiden. Like many Dutch painters of his time, Jan van Goyen studied art in the town of Haarlem with Esaias van de Velde. At age 35, he established a permanent studio at Den Haag (The Hague). Crenshaw tells (and mentions the sources) that Van Goyen's landscape paintings rarely fetched high prices, but he made up for the modest value of individual pieces by increasing his production, painting thinly and quickly with a limited palette of inexpensive pigments. Despite his market innovations, he always sought more income, not only through related work as an art dealer and auctioneer but also by speculating in tulips and real estate. Although the latter was usually a safe avenue of investing money, in Van Goyen's experience it led to enormous debts. Paulus Potter rented one of his houses. Nicolaes van Berchem became his pupil. In 1652 and 1654 he was forced to sell his collection of paintings and graphic art, and he subsequently moved to a smaller house. He died in 1656, still unbelievably 18,000 guilders in debt, forcing his widow to sell their remaining furniture and paintings. Van Goyen's troubles also may have affected the early business prospects of his student and son-in-law Jan Steen, who left The Hague in 1654.

PDF Jan van Goyen [PDF]

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