Adolf Schreyer [1]

Nationality : German painter, 1828-1899

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  • Title : A Troika In Winter
  • Info : 43208-Adolf Schreyer-A_Troika_In_Winter.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43208

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  • Title : Arab Cavalry Approaching An Oasis
  • Info : 43209-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Cavalry_Approaching_An_Oasis.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43209

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  • Title : Arab Chieftain And His Entourage
  • Info : 43210-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Chieftain_And_His_Entourage.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43210

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  • Title : Arab Horseman By A watering Hole
  • Info : 43211-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Horseman_By_A_watering_Hole.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43211

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  • Title : Arab Horseman In A Landscape
  • Info : 43212-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Horseman_In_A_Landscape.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43212

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  • Title : Arab Horsemen On The March
  • Info : 43213-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Horsemen_On_The_March.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43213

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  • Title : Arab Warrior Leading A Charge
  • Info : 43214-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Warrior_Leading_A_Charge.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43214

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  • Title : Arab Warriors On A Hillside
  • Info : 43215-Adolf Schreyer-Arab_Warriors_On_A_Hillside.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43215

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  • Title : Arabian Horsemen
  • Info : 43216-Adolf Schreyer-Arabian_Horsemen.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43216

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  • Title : Arabian Horsemen Near A Watering Place
  • Info : 43217-Adolf Schreyer-Arabian_Horsemen_Near_A_Watering_Place.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 43217

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Adolf Schreyer
Adolf Schreyer (July 9, 1828 - July 29, 1899), German painter, was born at Frankfurt-am-Main. He studied art first at the Städel Institute in his native town, and then at Stuttgart and Munich. He painted many of his favourite subjects in his travels in the East. He first accompanied Prince Thurn and Taxis through Hungary, Wallachia, Russia and Turkey; then, in 1854, he followed the Austrian army across the Wallachian frontier. In 1856 he went to Egypt and Syria, and in 1861 to Algiers. In 1862 he settled in Paris, but returned to Germany in 1870; and settled at Cronberg near Frankfurt, where he died.

PDF Adolf Schreyer [PDF]

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