Adrian Ludwig Richter [1]

Nationality : German painter and etcher, 1803-1884

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  • Title : Bridal Procession In A Spring Landscape
  • Info : canvas painting, 49494-Adrian Ludwig Richter-Bridal Procession In A Spring Landscape.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49494

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  • Title : Bridal Procession in a Spring Landscape Detail
  • Info : canvas painting, 49495-Adrian Ludwig Richter-Bridal Procession in a Spring Landscape Detail.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49495

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  • Title : Crossing The Elbe At Aussig
  • Info : canvas painting, 49496-Adrian Ludwig Richter-Crossing_The_Elbe_At_Aussig.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49496

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  • Title : Genoveva In The Forest Seclusion
  • Info : canvas painting, 49497-Adrian Ludwig Richter-Genoveva_In_The_Forest_Seclusion.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49497

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  • Title : Pool In The Riesengebirge
  • Info : canvas painting, 49498-Adrian Ludwig Richter-Pool_In_The_Riesengebirge.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49498

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  • Title : The Watzman
  • Info : canvas painting, 49499-Adrian Ludwig Richter-The_Watzman.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 49499

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Adrian Ludwig Richter
Adrian Ludwig Richter (September 28, 1803 - June 19, 1884), a German painter and etcher, was born at Dresden, the son of the engraver Karl August Richter, from whom he received his training; but he was strongly influenced by Erhard and Chodowiecki. He was the most popular, and in many ways the most typical German illustrator of the middle of the 19th century. His work is as typically German and homely as are the fairy-tales of Grimm. Richter visited Italy from 1823-1826, and his Thunderstorm in the Sabine Mountains at the Staedel Museum in Frankfurt is one of the rare Italian subjects from his brush. In 1828 he worked as designer for the Meissen factory, and in 1841 he became professor and head of the landscape atelier at the Dresden Academy, (now Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden). The Dresden Gallery owns one of his best and most characteristic paintings: Bridal Procession in a Spring Landscape. An eye disease put a stop to the practice of his art in 1874; he was pensioned in 1877, and died at Loschwitz, near Dresden.

PDF Adrian Ludwig Richter [PDF]

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