Jean-Paul Laurens [1]

Nationality : French painter, 1838-1921

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  • Title : Autoportrait
  • Info : 41770-Jean-Paul Laurens-Autoportrait.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41770

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  • Title : Barques au pied dune falaise en Normandie
  • Info : 41771-Jean-Paul Laurens-Barques au pied dune falaise en Normandie.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41771

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  • Title : The Republic in revolt
  • Info : 41772-Jean-Paul Laurens--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41772

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  • Title : Funerailles de Guillaume le Conquerant
  • Info : 41773-Jean-Paul Laurens-Funerailles_de_Guillaume_le_Conquerant.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41773

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  • Title : La Mort de Caton dUtique
  • Info : 41774-Jean-Paul Laurens-La_Mort_de_Caton_dUtique.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41774

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  • Title : La Mort de Tibere
  • Info : 41775-Jean-Paul Laurens-La_Mort_de_Tibere.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41775

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  • Title : La Mort du duc dEnghien
  • Info : 41776-Jean-Paul Laurens-La_Mort_du_duc_dEnghien.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41776

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  • Title : LAgitateur du Languedoc
  • Info : 41777-Jean-Paul Laurens-LAgitateur_du_Languedoc.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41777

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  • Title : Laurens Jean Paul Portrait de Rodin
  • Info : 41778-Jean-Paul Laurens-Laurens_Jean_Paul_Portrait_de_Rodin.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41778

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  • Title : Laurens
  • Info : 41779-Jean-Paul Laurens-Laurens.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41779

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Jean-Paul Laurens
Jean-Paul Laurens (March 28, 1838 - March 23, 1921), was a French painter and sculptor, and one of the last major exponents of the French Academic style. Born in Fourquevaux, he was a pupil of Léon Cogniet and Alexandre Bida. Strongly anti-clerical and republican, his work was often on historical and religious themes, through which he sought to convey a message of opposition to monarchical and clerical oppression. His erudition and technical mastery were much admired in his time, but in later years his hyper-realistic technique, coupled to a highly theatrical mise-en-scène, came to be regarded as overly didactic and even involuntarily comical.

PDF Jean-Paul Laurens [PDF]

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