Joachim Patinir [1]

Nationality : c.1480 - 1524

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  • Title : Baptism Of Christ
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41836-Joachim Patinir-Baptism_Of_Christ.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41836

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  • Title : Landscape With St John The baptist Preaching
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41837-Joachim Patinir-Landscape With St John The baptist Preaching.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41837

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  • Title : Rest During The Flight To Egypt
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41838-Joachim Patinir-Rest_During_The_Flight_To_Egypt.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41838

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  • Title : Rocky Landscape With Saint Jerome
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41839-Joachim Patinir-Rocky_Landscape_With_Saint_Jerome.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41839

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  • Title : St Jerome In A Rocky Landscape
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41840-Joachim Patinir-St_Jerome_In_A_Rocky_Landscape.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41840

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  • Title : St Jerome In The Desert
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41841-Joachim Patinir-St_Jerome_In_The_Desert.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41841

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  • Title : Temptation Of St Anthony
  • Info : Joachim Patenier 41842-Joachim Patinir-Temptation_Of_St_Anthony.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41842

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Joachim Patinir
Joachim Patinir or Joachim Patenier, also called de Patiner (c. 1480 - October 5, 1524), was a Flemish Northern Renaissance history and landscape painter from the area of modern Wallonia. He was probably the uncle of Herri met de Bles, his follower in establishing a distinct style of panoramic northern Renaissance landscapes.

PDF Joachim Patinir [PDF]

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