Jan Mytens [1]

Nationality : Dutch Baroque Era Painter, ca.1614-1670

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  • Title : A Portrait of a Man Holding a Glove
  • Info : 41165-Jan Mytens-A_Portrait_of_a_Man_Holding_a_Glove.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41165

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  • Title : Family group portrait
  • Info : 41166-Jan Mytens-Family_group_portrait.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41166

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  • Title : Mytens Jan Venus and Adonis
  • Info : 41167-Jan Mytens-Mytens_Jan_Venus_and_Adonis.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41167

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  • Title : Portrait histoire of a young man and lady as Meleager and Atalanta
  • Info : 41168-Jan Mytens-Portrait_histoire_of_a_young_man_and_lady_as_Meleager_and_Atalanta.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41168

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  • Title : Portrait of a Lady standing three quarter length wearing a lavender silk dress
  • Info : 41169-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_a_Lady_standing_three_quarter_length_wearing_a_lavender_silk_dress.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41169

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  • Title : Portrait of a lady wearing a black dress and a white collar
  • Info : 41170-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_a_lady_wearing_a_black_dress_and_a_white_collar.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41170

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  • Title : Portrait of a young gentleman in a burgundy doublet with slashed sleeves
  • Info : 41171-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_a_young_gentleman_in_a_burgundy_doublet_with_slashed_sleeves.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41171

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  • Title : Portrait of a Young Lady as Diana
  • Info : 41172-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_a_Young_Lady_as_Diana.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41172

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  • Title : Portrait of Christaen Huygens in a landscape a country house beyond
  • Info : 41173-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_Christaen_Huygens_in_a_landscape_a_country_house_beyond.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41173

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  • Title : Portrait of the son of a nobleman as Cupid
  • Info : 41174-Jan Mytens-Portrait_of_the_son_of_a_nobleman_as_Cupid.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 41174

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Jan Mytens
Johannes Mytens or Jan Mijtens (The Hague, circa 1614 - The Hague 24 December 1670) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Johannes (Jan) Mijtens was trained by Anthony van Opstal and later by Nicolas van der Horst. Both of his uncles, Isaac Mijtens and Daniel Mijtens, were painters, and his son Cornelis became an engraver. He painted for Dutch royalty and specialized in portraiture, genre pieces, and historical allegories. His students were Nicolaes Lissant, Gerard de Nijst, Adriaen Stalpert van der Wiele, Pouwels van de Velde, Andries Thijsz. de Wit, and Urbanus Talibert van Yperen. In his 1652, painting of the family of Mr. Willem van den Kerckhoven, the youngest son Pellegrom (leaning against his father's leg) was added later in 1655 (he was not yet born in 1652). The five angels depict other children who died in infancy.

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