Jan van de Capelle [1]

Nationality : Dutch Golden Age painter, 1626-1679

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  • Title : A Calm
  • Info : classical painting, 52260-Jan van de Capelle-A Calm.jpg

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  • Title : Calm
  • Info : classical painting, 52261-Jan van de Capelle-Calm.jpg

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  • Title : Dutch Yacht Firing a Salvo
  • Info : classical painting, 52262-Jan van de Capelle-Dutch Yacht Firing a Salvo.jpg

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  • Title : The State Barge Saluted by the Home Fleet
  • Info : classical painting, 52263-Jan van de Capelle-The State Barge Saluted by the Home Fleet.jpg

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  • Title : Winter Landscape
  • Info : classical painting, 52264-Jan van de Capelle-Winter Landscape.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52264

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Jan van de Capelle
Jan van de Cappelle (or Joannes , van der , Capelle in various combinations; 1626-1679) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of seascapes and winter landscapes, also notable as an industrialist and art collector. He is 'now considered the outstanding marine painter of 17th century Holland'. He lived all his life in Amsterdam, and as well as working as an artist spent much, or most, of his time helping to manage his father Franchoy's large dyeworks, which specialized in the expensive dye carmine, and which he eventually inherited in 1674. Presumably because of this dual career, there are fewer than 150 surviving paintings, a relatively small number for the industrious painters of the Dutch Golden Age. His marine paintings usually show estuary or river scenes rather than the open sea, and the water is always very calm, allowing it to act as a mirror reflecting the cloud formations above; this effect was Cappelle's speciality.

PDF Jan van de Capelle [PDF]

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