Frank Cadogan Cowper [1]

Nationality : English artist, 1877-1958

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  • Title : Molly Duchess Of Nona
  • Info : Picture ID 35590-Molly_Duchess_Of_Nona.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35590

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : The last of the Pre-Raphaelites
  • Info : Picture ID 35591--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35591

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : La Belle Dame sans Merci
  • Info : Picture ID 35592--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35592

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  • Title : Fair Rosamund and Eleanor
  • Info : Picture ID 35593--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35593

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  • Title : The Ugly Duckling
  • Info : Picture ID 35594--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35594

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  • Title : Elizabeth, Daughter of Major General F V B Willis
  • Info : Picture ID 35595--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35595

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Eve
  • Info : Picture ID 35596--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35596

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Info : Picture ID 35597--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35597

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : La Belle Dam Sans Merci
  • Info : Picture ID 35598-La_Belle_Dam_Sans_Merci.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35598

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Our Lady of the Fruits of the Earth
  • Info : Picture ID 35599--Unknown.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35599

I Want A Special Size
Frank Cadogan Cowper
Frank Cadogan Cowper (16 October 1877- 17 November 1958) was an English artist, described as "The last of the Pre-Raphaelites". Cowper was born in Wicken, Northamptonshire, son of an author and early pioneer of coastal cruising in yachts, Frank Cowper, and grandson of the Rector of Wicken. He first studied art at St John's Wood Art School in 1896 and then went on to study at the Royal Academy Schools from 1897-1902. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1899, and achieved critical success two years later with his An Aristocrat answering the Summons to Execution, Paris 1791 (1901). In 1902, he spent six months studying under Edwin Austin Abbey before travelling to Italy. He worked in both watercolours and oils, and also worked as book illustrator - providing the illustrations for Sir Sidney Lee's The Imperial Shakespeare. He contributed to a mural in the Houses of Parliament in 1910 along with Byam Shaw, Ernest Board and Henry Arthur Payne. As art fashion changed Cowper increasingly exhibited his portrait paintings but still continued to produce historical and literary works. He retired from London to Gloucestershire. His The Ugly Duckling was voted the favourite painting by visitors to the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum in 2005.

PDF Frank Cadogan Cowper [PDF]

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