Frans the Younger Francken [1]

Nationality : Flemish Baroque painter, 1581-1642

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  • Title : Abraham Govaerts The Five Senses
  • Info : Picture ID 35762-Abraham_Govaerts_The_Five_Senses.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35762

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  • Title : Allegory
  • Info : Picture ID 35763-Allegory.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35763

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  • Title : Ambrosius Descent From The Cross
  • Info : Picture ID 35764-Ambrosius_Descent_From_The_Cross.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35764

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  • Title : An Antique Dealers Gallery
  • Info : Picture ID 35765-An_Antique_Dealers_Gallery.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35765

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  • Title : art room
  • Info : Picture ID 35766-art room.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35766

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  • Title : Feast Of Esther
  • Info : Picture ID 35767-Feast_Of_Esther.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35767

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  • Title : Franc
  • Info : Picture ID 35768-Franc.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35768

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  • Title : Sebastiaan Leerse In His Gallery
  • Info : Picture ID 35769-Sebastiaan_Leerse_In_His_Gallery.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35769

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  • Title : Supper At The House Of Burgomaster Rockox
  • Info : Picture ID 35770-Supper_At_The_House_Of_Burgomaster_Rockox.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35770

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  • Title : The Interior Of A Picture Gallery
  • Info : Picture ID 35771-The_Interior_Of_A_Picture_Gallery.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35771

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Frans the Younger Francken
Frans Francken the Younger (Antwerp, 1581- 6 May 1642), was a Flemish Baroque painter and the best-known member of the large Francken family of artists. Many of his works are small historical, allegorical and biblical cabinet paintings with the focus on figures. He also invented or popularized several new themes that became popular in Flemish painting, such as genre scenes populated by monkeys (later imitated by David Teniers the Younger) and Kunstkamer paintings displaying a wealth of natural and artistic treasures against a neutral wall. Francken frequently collaborated with other artists, adding figures to works by Tobias Verhaecht and Abraham Govaerts. Later in his life he also painted large altarpieces.

PDF Frans the Younger Francken [PDF]

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