Francesco Solimena [1]

Nationality : Italian Painter, 1657-1747

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  • Title : Allegory Of Reign
  • Info : picture ID 35407-Allegory_Of_Reign.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35407

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  • Title : Dido Receiving Aeneas And Cupid Disguised As Ascanius
  • Info : picture ID 35408-Dido Receiving Aeneas And Cupid Disguised As Ascanius.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35408

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  • Title : Judith With The Head Of Holofernes
  • Info : picture ID 35409-Judith_With_The_Head_Of_Holofernes.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35409

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  • Title : Rebecca And Eliezer At The Well
  • Info : picture ID 35410-Rebecca_And_Eliezer_At_The_Well.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35410

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  • Title : Saint Cajetan Appeasing Divine Anger
  • Info : picture ID 35411-Saint_Cajetan_Appeasing_Divine_Anger.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35411

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  • Title : St Bonaventura Receiving The Banner Of St Sepulchre From The Madonna
  • Info : picture ID 35412-St Bonaventura Receiving The Banner Of St Sepulchre From The Madonna.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35412

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  • Title : The Martyrdom Of Sts Placidus And Flavia
  • Info : picture ID 35413-The_Martyrdom_Of_Sts_Placidus_And_Flavia.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35413

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  • Title : The Massacre Of The Giustiniani At Chios
  • Info : picture ID 35414-The_Massacre_Of_The_Giustiniani_At_Chios.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35414

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  • Title : The Royal Hunt Of Dido And Aeneas
  • Info : picture ID 35415-The_Royal_Hunt_Of_Dido_And_Aeneas.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35415

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Francesco Solimena
Francesco Solimena (October 4, 1657 — April 3, 1747) was a prolific Italian painter of the Baroque era, one of an established family of painters and draughtsmen. Francesco Solimena was born in Canale di Serino, near Avellino. He received early training from his father, Angelo Solimena, with whom he executed a Paradise for the cathedral of Nocera (place where he spend a big part of his life) and a Vision of St. Cyril of Alexandria for the church of San Domenico at Solofra. He settled in Naples in 1674, there he worked in the studio of Francesco di Maria and later Giacomo del Po[1]. He apparently had taken the clerical orders, but was patronized early on, and encouraged to become an artist by Cardinal Vincenzo Orsini (later Pope Benedict XIII). By the 1680s, he had independent fresco commissions, and his active studio came to dominate Neapolitan painting from the 1690s through the first four decades of the 18th century. He modeled his art—for he was a highly conventional painter—after the Roman Baroque masters, Luca Giordano and Giovanni Lanfranco, and Mattia Preti, whose technique of warm brownish shadowing Solimena emulated. Solimena painted many frescoes in Naples, altarpieces, celebrations of weddings and courtly occasions, mythological subjects, characteristically chosen for their theatrical drama, and portraits. His settings are suggested with a few details—steps, archways, balustrades, columns—concentrating attention on figures and their draperies, caught in pools and shafts of light. Art historians take pleasure in identifying the models he imitated or adapted in his compositions. His numerous preparatory drawings often mix media, combining pen-and-ink, chalk and watercolor washes.

PDF Francesco Solimena [PDF]

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