Francis Davis Millet [1]

Nationality : American Writer and Painter, 1846-1912

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  • Title : A Cosey Corner
  • Info : picture ID 35558-A_Cosey_Corner.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35558

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  • Title : A Difficult Duet
  • Info : picture ID 35559-A_Difficult_Duet.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35559

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  • Title : Between Two Fires
  • Info : picture ID 35560-Between_Two_Fires.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35560

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  • Title : Flemish Kitchen
  • Info : picture ID 35561-Flemish_Kitchen.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35561

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  • Title : Old Harmonies
  • Info : picture ID 35562-Old_Harmonies.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35562

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  • Title : Playing with Baby
  • Info : picture ID 35563-Playing_with_Baby.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35563

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  • Title : Reading the Story of Oenone
  • Info : picture ID 35564-Reading_the_Story_of_Oenone.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35564

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  • Title : The Expansionist
  • Info : picture ID 35565-The_Expansionist.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35565

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  • Title : The Turkish Guard
  • Info : picture ID 35566-The_Turkish_Guard.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35566

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  • Title : Turkish Water Seller
  • Info : picture ID 35567-Turkish_Water_Seller.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35567

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Francis Davis Millet
Francis Davis Millet was born in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. At age sixteen, Millet entered the Massachusetts regiment, first as a drummer boy and then a surgical assistant (helping his father, a surgeon) in the American Civil War. He repeatedly pointed to his experience working for his father as giving him an appreciation for the vivid blood red that he repeatedly used in his early paintings. He graduated from Harvard with a Master of Arts degree. He worked as a reporter and editor for the Boston Courier and then as a correspondent for the Advertiser at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.

PDF Francis Davis Millet [PDF]

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