Francesco Guardi [1]

Nationality : Italian painter, 1712-1793

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  • Title : An Architectural Caprice
  • Info : picture ID 35299-An_Architectural_Caprice.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35299

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  • Title : Audience Granted by the Doge
  • Info : picture ID 35300-Audience_Granted_by_the_Doge.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35300

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  • Title : Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo
  • Info : picture ID 35301-Campo_Santi_Giovanni_e_Paolo.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35301

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  • Title : Capriccio with Venetian Motifs
  • Info : picture ID 35302-Capriccio_with_Venetian_Motifs.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35302

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  • Title : Carnival Thursday on the Piazzetta
  • Info : picture ID 35303-Carnival_Thursday_on_the_Piazzetta.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35303

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  • Title : Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo
  • Info : picture ID 35304-Doge_Alvise_IV_Mocenigo.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35304

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  • Title : Fire in the Oil Depot at San Marcuola
  • Info : picture ID 35305-Fire_in_the_Oil_Depot_at_San_Marcuola.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35305

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  • Title : Fire in the Oil Depot at San Marcuola
  • Info : picture ID 35306-Fire_in_the_Oil_Depot_at_San_Marcuola.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35306

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  • Title : Gondola in the Lagoon
  • Info : picture ID 35307-Gondola_in_the_Lagoon.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35307

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  • Title : Ladies Concert at the Philharmonic Hall
  • Info : picture ID 35308-Ladies_Concert_at_the_Philharmonic_Hall.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 35308

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Francesco Guardi
Francesco Lazzaro Guardi (October 5, 1712 - January 1, 1793) was an Italian painter of veduta, a member of the Venetian School. He is considered to be among the last practitioners, along with his brothers, of the classic Venetian school of painting. Francesco Guardi was born in Venice into a family of lesser nobility from Trentino. His father Domenico (born in 1678) and his brothers Niccolò and Gian Antonio were also painters, the latter inheriting the family workshop after the father's death in 1716. They probably all contributed as a team to some of the larger commissions later attributed to Francesco. His sister Maria Cecilia married the pre-eminent Veneto-European painter of his epoch, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

PDF Francesco Guardi [PDF]

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