Eustache Le Sueur [1]

Nationality : French painter, 1617-1655

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  • Title : A Gathering Of Friends
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  • Title : Caligula Depositing The Ashes Of His Mother
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  • Title : The Muse Terpsichore
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  • Title : The Muses Clio Euterpe And Thalia
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  • Title : The Muses Melpomene Erato And Polymnia
  • Info : picture ID 34753-The_Muses_Melpomene_Erato_And_Polymnia.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34753

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Eustache Le Sueur
Eustache Le Sueur or Lesueur (19 November 1617 - 30 April 1655), one of the founders of the French Academy of painting, was born in Paris, where he passed his whole life. His early death and retired habits led to various fables attaching to his life, in a similar way to Claude Lorrain. We are told that, persecuted by Le Brun, who was jealous of his ability, he became the intimate friend and correspondent of Poussin, and it is added that, broken-hearted at the death of his wife, Le Sueur retired to the monastery of the Chartreux and died in the arms of the prior. All this, however, is pure fiction. The facts of Le Sueur's life are these. He was the son of Cathelin Le Sueur, a turner and sculptor in wood, who placed his son with Vouet, in whose studio he rapidly distinguished himself. Admitted at an early age into the guild of master-painters, he left them to take part in establishing the academy of painting and sculpture, and was one of the first twelve professors of that body.

PDF Eustache Le Sueur [PDF]

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