Caesar van Everdingen [1]

Nationality : Dutchman, 1616/17-1678

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  • Title : Allegory of the Birth of Frederik Hendrik
  • Info : picture ID 34757-Allegory of the Birth of Frederik Hendrik.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34757

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  • Title : Bacchus with Two Nymphs and Cupid
  • Info : picture ID 34758-Bacchus with Two Nymphs and Cupid.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34758

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  • Title : Count Willem II of Holland Granting Privileges
  • Info : picture ID 34759-Count Willem II of Holland Granting Privileges.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34759

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  • Title : The Four Muses with Pegasus
  • Info : picture ID 34760-The Four Muses with Pegasus.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34760

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Everdingen, Caesar van
Caesar van Everdingen (1616/17, Alkmaar - buried Oct 13, 1678, Alkmaar), older brother of Allart van Everdingen, was a Dutchman mainly known as a portrait painter. Like Caesar, his brother Allart was also a painter. Educated in Utrecht, Caesar became a member of the St. Lucas gild in Alkmaar in 1632. His first know painting dates from 1636. In 1648 he moved to Haarlem, but in 1658 he moved back to Alkmaar where he died in 1678. Many of his pictures are to be seen in the museums and private houses of the Netherlands.

PDF Caesar van Everdingen [PDF]

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