Giulio Campi [1]

Nationality : Italian painter, 1500-1572

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  • Title : Portrait of a Man
  • Info : classical painting, 52239-Giulio Campi-Portrait of a Man.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52239

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  • Title : Portrait of Father Galeazzo Campi
  • Info : classical painting, 52240-Giulio Campi-Portrait of Father Galeazzo Campi.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52240

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  • Title : Portrait of Ottavio Farnese
  • Info : classical painting, 52241-Giulio Campi-Portrait of Ottavio Farnese.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52241

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Giulio Campi
Giulio Campi (1500 - 5 March 1572) was an Italian painter and architect. His brothers Vincenzo Campi and Antonio Campi were also renowned painters. The eldest of a family prominent painters, Campi was born at Cremona. His father Galeazzo (1475-1536) taught him the first lessons in art.

PDF Giulio Campi [PDF]

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