Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione [1]

Nationality : Italian Baroque artist, 1609-1664

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  • Title : Meeting of Isaac and Rebecca
  • Info : classical painting, 52236-Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione-Meeting of Isaac and Rebecca.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52236

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  • Title : The Fable of Diogenes
  • Info : classical painting, 52237-Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione-The Fable of Diogenes.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52237

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  • Title : The Miracle of Soriano
  • Info : classical painting, 52238-Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione-The Miracle of Soriano.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 52238

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Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (baptized March 23, 1609 - 1664) was an Italian Baroque artist, painter, printmaker and draftsman, of the Genoese school. He is best known now for his elaborate engravings, and as the inventor of the printmaking technique of monotyping. He was known as Il Grechetto in Italy and in France as Le Benedette.

PDF Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione [PDF]

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