Charles Courtney Curran [1]

Nationality : American painter, 1861-1942

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  • Title : A Deep Sea Fantasy
  • Info : 51679-Charles Courtney Curran-A Deep Sea Fantasy.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51679

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  • Title : Before The War
  • Info : 51680-Charles Courtney Curran-Before The War.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51680

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  • Title : Boulders on Bear Cliff
  • Info : 51681-Charles Courtney Curran-Boulders on Bear Cliff.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51681

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  • Title : Electric Fountain World's Columbian Exposition
  • Info : 51682-Charles Courtney Curran-Electric Fountain World's Columbian Exposition.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51682

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  • Title : Fair Critics
  • Info : 51683-Charles Courtney Curran-Fair Critics.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51683

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  • Title : Fall Sunshine
  • Info : 51684-Charles Courtney Curran-Fall Sunshine.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51684

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  • Title : Garden Walk
  • Info : 51685-Charles Courtney Curran-Garden Walk.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51685

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  • Title : In the Luxembourg Garden
  • Info : 51686-Charles Courtney Curran-In the Luxembourg Garden.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51686

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  • Title : Noonday Sunlight
  • Info : 51687-Charles Courtney Curran-Noonday Sunlight.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51687

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  • Title : On the Heights
  • Info : 51688-Charles Courtney Curran-On the Heights.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51688

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Charles Courtney Curran
Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942) was an American painter. He is best known for his canvases depicting beautiful women in pleasant settings. Curran was born in Hartford, Kentucky in 1861 and moved to Sandusky, Ohio in 1881. He studied one year at the Cincinnati School of Design, and began a brilliant career after moving to New York City in 1882 where he enrolled in the National Academy of Design. He went on to study at the Academie Julian in Paris and was a student of Benjamin Constant, Jules-Joseph Lefebvre and Henri Lucien Doucet. Curran himself would become a teacher at the Pratt Institute, New York City, the Cooper Union and the National Academy.

PDF Charles Courtney Curran [PDF]

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