Charles Amable Lenoir [1]

Nationality : French painter, 1860-1926

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  • Title : A Dance By The Sea
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51663-Charles Amable Lenoir-A_Dance_By_The_Sea.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51663

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  • Title : A Nymph In The Forest
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51664-Charles Amable Lenoir-A_Nymph_In_The_Forest.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51664

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  • Title : Azalees Etude
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51665-Charles Amable Lenoir-Azalees_Etude.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51665

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  • Title : Eugenie Lucchesi
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51666-Charles Amable Lenoir-Eugenie_Lucchesi.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51666

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  • Title : La Bergere
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51667-Charles Amable Lenoir-La Bergere.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51667

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  • Title : La Baigneuse
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51668-Charles Amable Lenoir-La_Baigneuse.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51668

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  • Title : La Mandoline
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51669-Charles Amable Lenoir-La_Mandoline.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51669

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  • Title : Meditation
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51670-Charles Amable Lenoir-Meditation.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51670

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  • Title : Paysage pres de sa maison de Fouras
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51671-Charles Amable Lenoir-Paysage_pres_de_sa_maison_de_Fouras.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51671

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  • Title : Pensive
  • Info : oil on canvas. 51672-Charles Amable Lenoir-Pensive.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51672

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Charles Amable Lenoir
Charles-Amable Lenoir (22 October 1860 - 1926) was a French painter. Like his mentor, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, he was an academic painter and painted realistic portraits as well as mythological and religious scenes. His artistic career was so prestigious that he won the Prix de Rome twice and was awarded the Legion d'honneur. Lenoir was born in Chatellaillon, a small town just outside of La Rochelle. His mother was a seamstress and his father was a customs officer. When he was young, his father was reassigned and the family moved to Fouras. He did not start out in life as an artist, but instead began his education at a teachers' college in La Rochelle. Upon graduation, he worked as a teacher and supervisor at the lycee in Rochefort.

PDF Charles Amable Lenoir [PDF]

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