Jean Francois Raffaelli [1]

Nationality : French realist painter, 1850-1924

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  • Title : A Sunlit Port
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47342-Jean Francois Raffaelli-A Sunlit Port.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47342

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  • Title : Boulevard des Italiens
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47343-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Boulevard des Italiens.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47343

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  • Title : Eze-Sur-Mer
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47344-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Eze-Sur-Mer.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47344

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  • Title : Figures in a Landscape
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47345-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Figures in a Landscape.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47345

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  • Title : Le Chiffonnier
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47346-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Le Chiffonnier.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47346

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  • Title : Le Petit Rentier Francais
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47347-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Le Petit Rentier Francais.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47347

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  • Title : L'Heure Du The
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47348-Jean Francois Raffaelli-L'Heure Du The.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47348

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  • Title : Man Having Just Painted His Fence
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47349-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Man Having Just Painted His Fence.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47349

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  • Title : Man with two loaves of bread
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47350-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Man with two loaves of bread.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47350

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  • Title : Mont Orgeuil, Gorey, Jersey
  • Info : oil on canvas, 47351-Jean Francois Raffaelli-Mont Orgeuil, Gorey, Jersey.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 47351

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Jean Francois Raffaelli
Jean-Francois Raffaelli (April 20, 1850 - February 11, 1924) was a French realist painter, sculptor, and printmaker who exhibited with the Impressionists. He was also active as an actor and writer.

PDF Jean Francois Raffaelli [PDF]

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