Johann Carl Loth [1]

Nationality : German Baroque Era Painter, 1632-1698

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  • Title : Jupiter And Mercury At Philemon And Baucis
  • Info : 42141-Johann Carl Loth-Jupiter And Mercury At Philemon And Baucis.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 42141

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  • Title : Mercury Piping To Argus
  • Info : 42142-Johann Carl Loth-Mercury_Piping_To_Argus.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 42142

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  • Title : The Good Samaritane
  • Info : 42143-Johann Carl Loth-The_Good_Samaritane.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 42143

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Johann Carl Loth
Johann Carl Loth (1632 - October 6, 1698) was a German painter, born in Munich but active most of his life in Venice. He is also called Johann Karl, Carlotto, and Carlo Lotti. He was the son and pupil of Johann Ulrich Loth (1590-1662). He was commissioned to paint for the emperor Leopold in Vienna. He was influenced by Pietro Liberi. His brother Franz Loth was also a painter in Venice and Germany. He had numerous pupils including Willem Drost, Cornelis de Bruijn, Johann Michael Rottmayr, Paul Strudel, Santo Prunati, Daniel Seiter, and Giovan Battista Langetti.

PDF Johann Carl Loth [PDF]

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