William Stanley Hazeltine [1]

Nationality : American painter, 1835-1900

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  • Title : Cascade
  • Info : oil on canvas 40161-Cascade.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 40161

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  • Title : Morning Light, Roman Campagna
  • Info : oil on canvas 40162-Morning Light, Roman Campagna.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 40162

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : North East Harbor, Maine
  • Info : oil on canvas 40163-North East Harbor, Maine.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 40163

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : View of Mount Desert
  • Info : oil on canvas 40164-View of Mount Desert.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 40164

I Want A Special Size
Hazeltine, William Stanley
William Stanley Haseltine (June 11, 1835-February 3, 1900) was an American painter and draftsman who was associated with the Hudson River School and Luminism.

PDF William Stanley Hazeltine [PDF]

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