Giacomo Ceruti [1]

Nationality : Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1698-1767

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  • Title : Boy With A Basket
  • Info : classical painting 38894-Boy_With_A_Basket.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38894

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  • Title : Evening At The Piazza
  • Info : classical painting 38895-Evening_At_The_Piazza.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38895

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  • Title : Still Life
  • Info : classical painting 38896-Still_Life.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38896

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  • Title : Still Life With Hen Onion And Pot
  • Info : classical painting 38897-Still_Life_With_Hen_Onion_And_Pot.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38897

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  • Title : The Laundress
  • Info : classical painting 38898-The_Laundress.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38898

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Giacomo Ceruti
Giacomo Antonio Melchiorre Ceruti (October 13, 1698 - August 28, 1767) was an Italian late Baroque painter, active in Northern Italy in Milan, Brescia, and Venice. He acquired the nickname Pitocchetto (the little beggar) for his many paintings of peasants dressed in rags. He was born in Milan, but worked primarily in Brescia. He may have been influenced early by Antonio Cifrondi and/or Giacomo Todesco (Todeschini), and received training from Carlo Ceresa. While he also painted still-life paintings and religious scenes, Ceruti is best known for his genre paintings, especially of beggars and the poor, whom he painted realistically and endowed with unusual dignity and individuality.

PDF Giacomo Ceruti [PDF]

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