Georges de La Tour [1]

Nationality : French Baroque Era Painter, 1593-1652

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  • Title : Adoration of the Shepherds
  • Info : classical painting 38535-Adoration_of_the_Shepherds.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38535

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  • Title : Boy Blowing at Lamp
  • Info : classical painting 38536-Boy_Blowing_at_Lamp.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38536

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  • Title : Cheater with the Ace of Diamond
  • Info : classical painting 38537-Cheater_with_the_Ace_of_Diamond.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38537

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  • Title : Christ in the Carpenters Shop
  • Info : classical painting 38538-Christ_in_the_Carpenters_Shop.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38538

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  • Title : Christ in the Carpenters Shop detail
  • Info : classical painting 38539-Christ_in_the_Carpenters_Shop_detail.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38539

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  • Title : Fortune Teller
  • Info : classical painting 38540-Fortune_Teller.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38540

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  • Title : Hurdy Gurdy Player with a Ribbon
  • Info : classical painting 38541-Hurdy_Gurdy_Player_with_a_Ribbon.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38541

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  • Title : Job Mocked by his Wife
  • Info : classical painting 38542-Job_Mocked_by_his_Wife.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38542

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  • Title : Magdalen of Night Light
  • Info : classical painting 38543-Magdalen_of_Night_Light.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38543

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  • Title : Penitent St Jerome
  • Info : classical painting 38544-Penitent_St_Jerome.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38544

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Georges de La Tour
Georges de La Tour (March 13, 1593, Vic-sur-Seille, Moselle - January 30, 1652, Luneville) was a painter, who spent most of his working life in the Duchy of Lorraine, which became part of France the year before his death. He painted mostly religious scenes lit by candlelight, and after centuries of posthumous obscurity became one of the most highly regarded of French 17th century artists in the 20th century. Georges de La Tour was born in the town of Vic-sur-Seille in the Diocese of Metz, technically part of the Holy Roman Empire, but controlled by France after 1552. Baptism documentation reveal that he was the son of Jean de La Tour, a baker and Sybille de La Tour, née Molian. It has been suggested that Sybille came from a partly noble family. His parents had seven children in all, with Georges being the second-born. La Tour's educational background remains somewhat unclear, but it is assumed that he travelled either to Italy or the Netherlands early in his career. His paintings reflect the Baroque naturalism of Caravaggio, but this probably reached him through the Dutch Caravaggisti of the Utrecht School and other Northern (French and Dutch) contemporaries. In particular, La Tour is often compared to the Dutch painter Hendrick Terbrugghen. In 1617 he married Diane Le Nerf, from a minor noble family, and in 1620 he established his studio in her quiet provincial home-town of Lunéville, part of the independent Duchy of Lorraine which was absorbed into France, during his lifetime, in 1641. He painted mainly religious and some genre scenes. He was given the title "Painter to the King" (of France) in 1638, and he also worked for the Dukes of Lorraine in 1623–4, but the local bourgeoisie provided his main market, and he achieved a certain affluence. He is not recorded in Lunéville in 1639–42, and may have travelled again; Anthony Blunt detected the influence of Gerrit van Honthorst in his paintings after this point. He was involved in a Franciscan-led religious revival in Lorraine, and over the course of his career he moved to painting almost entirely religious subjects, but in treatments with influence from genre painting. Georges de la Tour and his family died in 1652 in an epidemic in Lunéville. His son Étienne (born 1621) was his pupil.

PDF Georges de La Tour [PDF]

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