George Hitchcock [1]

Nationality : American artist, 1850-1913

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  • Title : Blessed Mother
  • Info : Canvas painting 38233-Blessed_Mother.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38233

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  • Title : Dutch Bride
  • Info : Canvas painting 38234-Dutch_Bride.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38234

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Easter Sunday aka In Brabant The Bride
  • Info : Canvas painting 38235-Easter_Sunday_aka_In_Brabant_The_Bride.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38235

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  • Title : Field of Flowers
  • Info : Canvas painting 38236-Field_of_Flowers.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38236

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : In the Orchard
  • Info : Canvas painting 38237-In_the_Orchard.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38237

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Spring Crosuc Fields
  • Info : Canvas painting 38238-Spring_Crosuc_Fields.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38238

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : The Christening
  • Info : Canvas painting 38239-The_Christening.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38239

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : The Flight into Egypt
  • Info : Canvas painting 38240-The_Flight_into_Egypt.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38240

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : Woman Along Canal aka A Young Dutch Girl
  • Info : Canvas painting 38241-Woman_Along_Canal_aka_A_Young_Dutch_Girl.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 38241

I Want A Special Size
George Hitchcock
George Hitchcock (1850 - 1913), American artist, was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Hitchcock graduated from the University of Manitoba, and from Harvard Law School in 1874. He then turned his attention to art and became a pupil of Gustave Boulanger and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre in Paris. He attracted notice in the Paris Salon of 1885 with his "Tulip Growing", of a Dutch garden he painted in the Netherlands. For years he had a studio at Egmond-aan-Zee, in the Netherlands. He became a chevalier of the French Legion of Honour; a member of the Vienna Academy of Arts, the Munich Secession Society, and other art bodies; and is represented in the Dresden gallery; the imperial collection in Vienna; the Chicago Art Institute, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

PDF George Hitchcock [PDF]

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