Frederick Richard Pickersgill [1]

Nationality : English Painter, 1820-1900

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  • Title : Flight Of The Pagan Deities
  • Info : picture ID 37496-Flight_Of_The_Pagan_Deities.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 37496

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  • Title : The Contest of Beauty for the Girle of Florimel Britomartis Unveiling Amoret
  • Info : picture ID 37497-The Contest of Beauty for the Girle of Florimel Britomartis Unveiling Amoret.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 37497

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  • Title : The Betrothal
  • Info : picture ID 37498-The_Betrothal.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 37498

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  • Title : The Bribe
  • Info : picture ID 37499-The_Bribe.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 37499

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Frederick Richard Pickersgill
Frederick Richard Pickersgill (25 September 1820, London - 20 December 1900) was an English painter and book illustrator. Born into a family of artists, he was admitted to the Royal Academy Schools in 1840. He did some book illustrations for the works of John Milton and Edgar Allan Poe. Pickersgill's The Burial of Harold was accepted as a decoration for the Houses of Parliament in 1847. He also did some landscapes under the influence of the Pre-Raphaelites. In 1856 Pickersgill was photographed at 'The Photographed Institute' by Robert Howlett, as part of a series of portraits of 'fine artists'. The picture was among a group exhibited at the 'Art Treasures Exhibition' in Manchester in 1857.

PDF Frederick Richard Pickersgill [PDF]

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