Emilio Sanchez-Perrier [1]

Nationality : Spanish painter,1855-1907

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  • Title : A campfire By the River's Edge
  • Info : picture ID 34639-A_campfire_By_the_River's_Edge.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34639

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  • Title : Boating At The Edge Of The Town
  • Info : picture ID 34640-Boating_At_The_Edge_Of_The_Town.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34640

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  • Title : Calm Waters at Chaponval
  • Info : picture ID 34641-Calm_Waters_at_Chaponval.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34641

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  • Title : Feu de camp au bord dune riviere
  • Info : picture ID 34642-Feu_de_camp_au_bord_dune_riviere.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34642

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  • Title : Fisherman And Washerwomen By The River
  • Info : picture ID 34643-Fisherman_And_Washerwomen_By_The_River.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34643

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  • Title : L Oise Sur Auvers
  • Info : picture ID 34644-L_Oise_Sur_Auvers.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34644

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  • Title : Landscape with boat and men
  • Info : picture ID 34645-Landscape_with_boat_and_men.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34645

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  • Title : On The River Bank
  • Info : picture ID 34646-On_The_River_Bank.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34646

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  • Title : On The River's Edge At Dusk
  • Info : picture ID 34647-On_The_River's_Edge_At_Dusk.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34647

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  • Title : Rio Alcala
  • Info : picture ID 34648-Rio_Alcala.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34648

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Emilio Sanchez-Perrier
Emilio Sánchez-Perrier (1855 - 1907) was a Spanish painter. Sanchez-Perrier painted landscapes, architectures, genre and water scenes, and was renowned for his scenic illustrations of Venice. Sanchez-Perrier was a student at the school of Fine Arts in Seville and later at the school of Fine Arts in Madrid. In 1871 he resided in Granada, where he befriended Mariano Fortuny. He traveled to Paris in 1879 and studied at the studios of Auguste Bolard, Leon Gerome and Felix Ziem.

PDF Emilio Sanchez-Perrier [PDF]

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