Edwin Longsden Long [1]

Nationality : English painter, 1829-1891

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  • Title : A Spanish Flower Seller
  • Info : picture ID 34567-A_Spanish_Flower_Seller.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34567

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  • Title : Alethe Attendant of the Sacred Ibis in the Temple of Isis at
  • Info : picture ID 34568-Alethe_Attendant_of_the_Sacred_Ibis_in_the_Temple_of_Isis_at.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34568

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  • Title : Anno Domini
  • Info : picture ID 34569-Anno_Domini.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34569

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  • Title : An Egyptian Feast
  • Info : picture ID 34570-An_Egyptian_Feast.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34570

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  • Title : Eastern Lily
  • Info : picture ID 34571-Eastern_Lily.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34571

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  • Title : The Eastern Favorite
  • Info : picture ID 34572-The_Eastern_Favorite.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34572

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  • Title : Woman Carrying a Basket Full of Pomegranates
  • Info : picture ID 34573-Woman_Carrying_a_Basket_Full_of_Pomegranates.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34573

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  • Title : Preparing For The Festival Of Anubis
  • Info : picture ID 34574-Preparing_For_The_Festival_Of_Anubis.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34574

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  • Title : The Approval
  • Info : picture ID 34575-The_Approval.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34575

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  • Title : Labour Lost
  • Info : picture ID 34576-Labour_Lost.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34576

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Edwin Longsden Long
Edwin Longsden Long RA (1829 - 1891) was an English painter. Long was born in Bath, Somerset and died of pneumonia. He was an orientalist, depicting Biblical and Middle Eastern subjects with astute accuracy, and a romanticist. In 1854, under the advice of the artist John Phillip, he travelled abroad to Spain, and later to Egypt and Syria. This inspired him to create his more lucrative paintings, such as The Babylonian Marriage Market.

PDF Edwin Longsden Long [PDF]

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