Edmund Blair Leighton [1]

Nationality : English painter, 1853-1922

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  • Title : Alain Chartier
  • Info : Picture ID 34267-Alain_Chartier.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34267

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  • Title : Call to Arms
  • Info : Picture ID 34268-Call_to_Arms.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34268

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  • Title : God Speed
  • Info : Picture ID 34269-God_Speed.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34269

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  • Title : King Copetua and the Beggar Maid
  • Info : Picture ID 34270-King_Copetua_and_the_Beggar_Maid.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34270

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  • Title : Stitching the Standard
  • Info : Picture ID 34271-Stitching_the_Standard.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34271

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  • Title : Off
  • Info : Picture ID 34272-Off.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34272

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  • Title : Olivia
  • Info : Picture ID 34273-Olivia.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34273

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  • Title : The Accolade
  • Info : Picture ID 34274-The_Accolade.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34274

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  • Title : Till Death Us Do Part
  • Info : Picture ID 34275-Till_Death_Us_Do_Part.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34275

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  • Title : Tristan and Isolde
  • Info : Picture ID 34276-Tristan_and_Isolde.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34276

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Edmund Blair Leighton
Edmund Blair Leighton (September 21, 1853—September 1, 1922) was an English painter associated with the Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic styles. Leighton was the son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton. He was educated at University College School, before becoming a student at the Royal Academy Schools. He married Katherine Nash in 1885 and they went on to have a son and daughter. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920. Leighton was a fastidious craftsman, producing highly-finished, decorative pictures. It would appear that he left no diaries, and though he exhibited at the Royal Academy for over forty years, he was never an Academician or an Associate.

PDF Edmund Blair Leighton [PDF]

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