Delphin Enjolras [1]

Nationality : French academic painter, 1857-1945

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  • Title : A nude by firelight
  • Info : picture ID 34002-A nude by firelight.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34002

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  • Title : A Nude Reclining By The Fire
  • Info : picture ID 34003-A Nude Reclining By The Fire.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34003

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  • Title : La Lecture Pres De La Lampe
  • Info : picture ID 34004-La Lecture Pres De La Lampe.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34004

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  • Title : La Lettre
  • Info : picture ID 34005-La Lettre.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34005

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  • Title : La sieste
  • Info : picture ID 34006-La sieste.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34006

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  • Title : Le Bouquet
  • Info : picture ID 34007-Le Bouquet.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34007

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  • Title : Les Lampions
  • Info : picture ID 34008-Les Lampions.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34008

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  • Title : Young Woman Reading By A Window
  • Info : picture ID 34009-Young Woman Reading By A Window.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34009

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  • Title : A Moment of Reflexion
  • Info : picture ID 34010-A Moment of Reflexion.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34010

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  • Title : Soir sur la Terrace a la Pergola
  • Info : picture ID 34011-Soir sur la Terrace a la Pergola.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 34011

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Delphin Enjolras
Delphin Enjolras (May 13, 1857 – 1945) was a French academic painter. Enjolras painted portraits, nudes, interiors, and used mostly watercolours, oil and pastels. He is best known for his intimate portraits of young women performing mundane activities such as reading or sewing, often by illuminated by lamplight. Perhaps his most famous work is the "Young Woman Reading by a Window" (pictured right).

PDF Delphin Enjolras [PDF]

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