Geoff Hunt [1]

Nationality : United Kingdom

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  • Title : HMS Agamemnon-Nelson s first flagship leads the squadron, Mediterranean, 1796
  • Info : Nelson flies his flag as a Commodore, commanding his first squadron...

Oil Painting ID: 27865

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  • Title : Victory on the Atlantic Chase
  • Info : Nelson's flagship in hot pursuit of Admiral Villeneuve, in her only transatlantic voyage, August 1805.

Oil Painting ID: 27866

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  • Title : Victory breaks the enemy line, Trafalgar 21st October 1805
  • Info : The climactic moment of the career of "Victory".. The Remarques are selling fast and we suggest immediate purchase to secure one of the 85.

Oil Painting ID: 27867

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  • Title : Victory races Temeraire for the enemy line, Trafalgar, 21st October 1805
  • Info : This edition is now sold out at the publisher but there are a few last remaining copies in stock at Art Marine. As the British line rolled gently towards the French and Spanish fleets on the morning of Trafalgar...

Oil Painting ID: 27868

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  • Title : Boreas in the West Indies, March 1787
  • Info : The 28-Gun frigate "Boreas" was one of Nelson's early commands...

Oil Painting ID: 27869

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  • Title : Agamemnon opens fire on the Ca Ira, 13th March 1795
  • Info : "Agamemnon" ran ahead of the British fleet on the 13th March 1795 and single-handedly engaged the much larger (but crippled) "Ca Ira"...

Oil Painting ID: 27870

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  • Title : Vanguard in heavy weather off Toulon, 19th May 1798
  • Info : On this day Nelson, lying in wait for the French fleet off Toulon, was caught unprepared by a storm...

Oil Painting ID: 27871

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  • Title : The First Shots
  • Info : on canvas

Oil Painting ID: 27872

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  • Title : The Battle of St. Vincent, 14th February, 1797
  • Info : One of Nelson's great actions; this shows the first British ships engaging the main Spanish force at around 1.50 pm. "HMS Captain" is seen in the distance.

Oil Painting ID: 27873

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  • Title : HMS Captain 74-gun ship
  • Info : Commodore Nelson flagship at the Battle of St. Vincent in 1797.

Oil Painting ID: 27874

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Hunt, Geoff
London native, Geoff Hunt was an advisor on the motion picture, Master and Commander, Far Side of the World, starring Russell Crowe, directed by Peter Weir. His work is now represented in the permanent collections of the Royal Navy Museum, Royal Navy Submarine Museum and in private collections worldwide. He exhibits regularly with the RSMA and galleries in Knightsbridge, London, Lymington, Hampshire, and in the USA at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut and in New York. He was recently elected president of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

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