Cornelis van Poelenburgh [1]

Nationality : Dutch Baroque Painter, 1594-1667

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  • Title : Children Of Frederick V Prince Elector Of Pfalz And King Of Bohemia
  • Info : 51976-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Children Of Frederick V Prince Elector Of Pfalz And King Of Bohemia.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51976

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  • Title : Poelenb Valley
  • Info : 51977-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Poelenb Valley.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51977

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  • Title : Poelenburch Cornelis Van Adoration Of The Magi
  • Info : 51978-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Poelenburch_Cornelis_Van_Adoration_Of_The_Magi.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51978

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  • Title : Rest On The Flight Into Egypt
  • Info : 51979-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Rest_On_The_Flight_Into_Egypt.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51979

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  • Title : Ruins Of Ancient Rome
  • Info : 51980-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Ruins_Of_Ancient_Rome.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51980

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  • Title : Expulsion from Paradise
  • Info : 51981-Cornelis van Poelenburgh-Expulsion from Paradise.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51981

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Cornelis van Poelenburgh
Cornelis van Poelenburgh, (1594 - 12 August 1667)[Cornelius van Poelenburgh] was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter. Cornelis van Poelenburgh studied under Mannerist painter, Abraham Bloemaert in Utrecht before spending time in Rome from 1617 to 1625. Influenced by Raphael and German Italianate landscapist, Adam Elsheimer, Poelenburgh soon found his niche in Rome, joining the Netherlandish painter's group, schildersbent. He also worked in Florence for the grand duke of Tuscany before returning to Utrecht to become one of the city's leading artists. He was summoned by the king to work in England from 1638 to 1641. Poelenburgh produced some history paintings, although he is known for his landscapes that were praised for their convincing sunlight and atmosphere.

PDF Cornelis van Poelenburgh [PDF]

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