Charles Goldie [1]

Nationality : New Zealand artist, 1870-1947

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  • Title : A centenarian Aperahama aged
  • Info : 61x51cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51702-Charles Goldie-A_centenarian_Aperahama_aged.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51702

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  • Title : A high-born lady
  • Info : 1918, 23x18cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51703-Charles Goldie-A_high-born_lady.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51703

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  • Title : Anaha Te Rahui
  • Info : 1916, 61.5x51cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51704-Charles Goldie-Anaha_Te_Rahui.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51704

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  • Title : Competition time study 5 and a half days
  • Info : c1896, 90.5x72cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51705-Charles Goldie-Competition_time_study_5_and_a_half_days.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51705

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  • Title : Day dreams Christmas time in Maoriland
  • Info : 1902, 55.5x41.5cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51706-Charles Goldie-Day_dreams_Christmas_time_in_Maoriland.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51706

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  • Title : Fire and Smoke
  • Info : 1908, 61.5x51cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51707-Charles Goldie-Fire_and_Smoke.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51707

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  • Title : Forty winks
  • Info : 1915, 62.5x75.5cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51708-Charles Goldie-Forty_winks.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51708

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  • Title : Hinemoa the belle of the Kainga
  • Info : 1913, 64x54.5cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51709-Charles Goldie-Hinemoa_the_belle_of_the_Kainga.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51709

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  • Title : Joan of Arc Paris
  • Info : 1896, 46.3x38.5cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51710-Charles Goldie-Joan_of_Arc_Paris.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51710

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  • Title : Memories of a heroine Hera Puna
  • Info : 1917, 23x18cm, Charles Frederick Goldie painting. 51711-Charles Goldie-Memories_of_a_heroine_Hera_Puna.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51711

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Charles Goldie
Charles Frederick Goldie, OBE (1870-1947) was a well-known New Zealand artist, famous for his portrayal of Maori dignitaries. Charles Frederick Goldie was born in Auckland on 20 October 1870. He was named after his maternal grandfather, Charles Frederick Partington, who built the landmark Auckland windmill. His father, David Goldie, was a prominent timber merchant and politician, and a strict Primitive Methodist who resigned as Mayor of Auckland rather than toast the visiting Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York with alcohol. His mother, Maria Partington, was an amateur artist and encouraged his artistic ability. Goldie was educated at Auckland Grammar School, and while still at school won several prizes from the Auckland Society of Arts and the New Zealand Art Students' Association. Goldie studied art part-time under Louis John Steele, after leaving school to work in his father's business. Sir George Grey was impressed by two of Goldie's still-life paintings that were being exhibited at the Auckland Academy of Art (Steele's art society, of which Goldie was honorary secretary) in 1891, and he talked David Goldie into permitting his son to undertake further art training abroad.

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