Jr Carl Schweninger [1]

Nationality : German landscape painter, 1854-1903

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  • Title : A Toast
  • Info : 51491-Carl Schweninger, Jr-A_Toast.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51491

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : The Garden Party
  • Info : 51492-Carl Schweninger, Jr-The_Garden_Party.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51492

I Want A Special Size
  • Title : The Letter
  • Info : 51493-Carl Schweninger, Jr-The_Letter.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 51493

I Want A Special Size
Carl Schweninger, Jr
[Carl Schweninger, Jr., C. Schweninger Jr., Carl Schweninger Jr., Carl Schweninger jun, Karl Schweninger II] Pupil of: Carl Schweninger, Sr. C. Schweninger, Jr., is the son of the eminent German landscape painter, Carl Schweninger. The elder Schweninger was born at Vienna in 1818, and was one of the most esteemed painters in his line of his time. His son was his pupil, but also studied the figure at the Vienna and Munich Academies, and combines them, as in "A Quiet Nook," in fine idyllic feeling.

PDF Jr Carl Schweninger [PDF]

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