Gian Lorenzo Bernini [1]

Nationality : Italian artist, 1598-1680

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  • Title : David with the Head of Goliath
  • Info : canvas painting, 50492-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-David with the Head of Goliath.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50492

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  • Title : Pope Urban VIII
  • Info : canvas painting, 50493-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-Pope Urban VIII.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50493

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  • Title : Portrait of a Boy
  • Info : canvas painting, 50494-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-Portrait of a Boy.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50494

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  • Title : Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas
  • Info : canvas painting, 50495-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50495

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  • Title : Self-Portrait as a Mature Man
  • Info : canvas painting, 50496-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-Self-Portrait as a Mature Man.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50496

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  • Title : Self-Portrait as a Young Man
  • Info : canvas painting, 50497-Bernini, Gian Lorenzo-Self-Portrait as a Young Man.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50497

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Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
Gian Lorenzo Bernini (also spelled Gianlorenzo or Giovanni Lorenzo) (Naples, 7 December 1598 - Rome, 28 November 1680) was an Italian artist who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age and also a prominent architect. In addition he painted, wrote plays, and designed metalwork and stage sets.

PDF Gian Lorenzo Bernini [PDF]

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