Antoine-Jean Gros [1]

Nationality : French History and neoclassical painter, 1771-1835

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  • Title : Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50114-Antoine-Jean Gros-Bonaparte_on_the_Bridge_at_Arcole.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50114

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  • Title : Bonaparte Visiting the Pesthouse in Jaffa
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50115-Antoine-Jean Gros-Bonaparte_Visiting_the_Pesthouse_in_Jaffa.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50115

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  • Title : Madame Pasteur
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50116-Antoine-Jean Gros-Madame_Pasteur.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50116

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  • Title : Napoleon on the battlefield of Eylau
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50117-Antoine-Jean Gros-Napoleon_on_the_battlefield_of_Eylau.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50117

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  • Title : Portrait of Christine Boyer
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50118-Antoine-Jean Gros-Portrait of Christine Boyer.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50118

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  • Title : Portrait of Madame Bruyere
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50119-Antoine-Jean Gros-Portrait_of_Madame_Bruyere.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50119

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  • Title : Portrait of Mademoiselle Recamier
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50120-Antoine-Jean Gros-Portrait_of_Mademoiselle_Recamier.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50120

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  • Title : Sppho at Leucate
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50121-Antoine-Jean Gros-Sppho_at_Leucate.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50121

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  • Title : The Battle of Abukir
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50122-Antoine-Jean Gros-The_Battle_of_Abukir.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50122

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  • Title : Lieutenant Charles Legrand
  • Info : oil on canvas, 50123-Antoine-Jean Gros-Lieutenant Charles Legrand.jpg

Oil Painting ID: 50123

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Antoine-Jean Gros
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros (16 March 1771 - 25 June 1835), also known as Jean-Antoine Gros, was both a French History and neoclassical painter. Born in Paris, Gros began to learn to draw at the age of six from his father, who was a miniature painter, and showed himself as a gifted artist. Towards the close of 1785 Gros, by his own choice, entered the studio of Jacques-Louis David, which he frequented assiduously, continuing at the same time to follow the classes of the Collège Mazarin.

PDF Antoine-Jean Gros [PDF]

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